Standard Exercise Sress Test

About the Test

An exercise stress test or stress ECG (electrocardiogram) rcecords your serial ECG's while you walk on a treadmill.

An exercise stress test is used to look for cardiac causes of chest pain, shortness of breath or reduced exercise tolerance. It looks for evidence of coronary disease, especially in people with certain risk factors such as elevated cholesterol levels, hypertension, previous cigarette smoking, diabetes or a family history of heart disease.

Test Preparation

When making your test appointment you must tell our staff ​all medications you are taking since some medications may affect the results of your tests.

You may have a light meal in the 4 hours before your test and refrain from any heavy exercise on the day of the test. 

It is important that you wear comfortable clothing on the day of your test. 

Men: Short or track pants, trainers or soft, flat shoes (no sandals or thongs).

Women: Wear comfortable, two-piece, loose fitting outfit and comfortable walking shoes.

Please: No one-piece undergarments , (bodysuit / long-line bra) pantyhose or talcum powder to be worn. Please wear a normal bra.

During your Test

You will be asked to read and sign a consent form before the​ test.

A doctor and a nurse supervise the test. Your blood pressure, pulse and cardiograph are closely monitored throghout the test. 

After your Test

There are shower facilities that you may use after the tes​t.

You will be able to leave the centre when you are fully recovered.

You should restart all of your usual medications after the test.

Our doctor will report the test results to your doctor.  You should make an appointment to see your doctor to discuss the results.

Occassionally, patients may be asked to see their doctor soon after the test is completed and this will be arranged on the day of your test. 

Put your heart in good hands.