Treadmill VO2 Max Test

About the Test

This test can be used in conjunction with either the stress test or the treadmill stress echo test.

Shortness of breath after exertion can indicate heart disease, but shortness of breath can also relate to lung disease or fitness levels.

The stress test or stress echo test can assess heart function after effort while the VO2 max test can assess lung function and fitness level. 

Test Preparation

This test is performed in conjuction with the Exercise Stress Test or the ​Treadmill Stress Echo Test and, therefore, test preparation is the same as for these two tests. 

During your Test

A mouthpiece will be placed in your mouth and this is connected to a machine that measures oxygen saturation levels while you exercise.

After your Test

There are shower facilities that you may use after the tes​t.

You will be able to leave the centre when you are fully recovered.

You should restart all of your usual medications after the test.

Our doctor will report the test results to your doctor.  You should make an appointment to see your doctor to discuss the results.

Put your heart in good hands.